Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unique and creative wedding ideas: How to make you wedding memorable

A wedding, even a traditional church wedding, doesn’t need to be plain and bland. You can incorporate various creative ideas that you think will make the event more enjoyable. This is a great way to get away and experiment with your creativity while enjoying one of the most memorable time of your life.

Weddings are suppose to be fun and a representation of the couple getting married which is why planning is a fun stage of a wedding however hard and hectic it can be. There are tons of cheap wedding ideas that you can use from the location down to the least details of the event.

Here is various cheap wedding idea that you might want to use:

·         Wedding ceremony – in recent years, couples are getting creative and creative by the minute. A lot of weddings are getting non-traditional in some aspect making it memorable and entertaining at the same time. A great way to start a fabulous wedding is incorporating mystery or something that your guest doesn’t expect. You can either walk down the aisle by dancing to a tune, riding a horse or carriage, or acting out a sketch. You can also try using different style of vows – you don’t have to stick to writing a mushy or romantic vow like most wedding do – you can write a vow with a touch of humor to it to make it more fun to read and say to your partner.

·         Reception – another great cheap wedding idea that you can try is to find the perfect reception venue that means something to you and your partner. You can also inquire about various establishments like a museum or a library to hold your reception if they are willing to cater to it. Sitting arrangements can be done according to your desire and add little details that are personal yet connects to your guest making them more comfortable and at ease with the event.

·         Food and catering – its fun to try out various cuisines for your wedding – experiment with the menu but make sure that you and your guest are comfortable with the dishes to be served. . If you favor a specific type of food, then go with it but remember your guest list. You can also incorporate the season when you are planning your menu. If you are having a summer wedding, ask your caterer to incorporate foods that are refreshing and fit for the season.

·         Decorations – theme wedding are getting popular recently because it can be creative and fun to attend. You can try a Victorian wedding, a costume themed wedding, a summer wedding, a winter wonderland type wedding – basically anything that you can wish for. Don’t go easy on the decoration and search for decorations that can beatify the event.

·         Entertainment – wedding is not complete without the proper entertainment afterwards. You don’t have to hire expensive musicians for a wonderful wedding. If you have friends who play instruments, asks them to play for you at your wedding. You can also used themed music like burlesque, jazz, Mardi Gras, other. Others se deejays but that is up to you if you prefer it that way.

These are just few cheap wedding ideas that you can try out for yourself but don’t limit your wedding to just that. Be creative and let your friends and family join in with the planning to make it more enjoyable. 

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